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The Bandlogo Generator is a application. This tool creates a banner with logos of bands that you are listening to and shows it on your page or on any other page you want. This generator has 7874 logos in its database. If you miss a logo, you can use our upload form to submit a new logo. .

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31.08.2017 - This bandlogo generator will be integratet into search portal in the next months. Until then you can use the bandlogo generator as usual using the known url.

02.11.2016 - Unfortunately it's still not possible to include external images into the new profile after they changed the layout. Currently it looks like this will not change anymore.

Nevertheless this bandlogo generator will still remain online to give you the possibilty to include the bandlogos into your own web pages, like a blog or forum profile as example.

If you miss a band logo you can use the upload form as usual to submit a logo.

24.08.2012 - Today we have added an upload form to make adding logos easier.

23.08.2012 - It is now possible to generate a banner based on your last week stats

17.08.2012 - This page is also available in German. You can switch the language through the link in the right upper corner.

06.07.2012 - Three additional layouts added: Now you can select also between 3-, 4- and 5-column layout. These additional layouts can be used on your homepage or in a blog, but not on . The width of these new layouts are 488px for 3 columns, 648px for 4 columns and 812px for 5 columns

05.07.2012 - You can now use up to 50 logos to generate your banner

03.07.2012 - It is now possible to generate a banner based on your last month stats